Blog Unlock a Smoother Look with Endermologie® Cellulite Treatment at Evolution MedSpa NYC

Are you tired of feeling frustrated and disappointed with the appearance of your skin? Do dimples, bulges, bumps, and lumps take away your self-confidence when you look in the mirror?

Most of us know how it feels to not love what we see reflected back at us. But don’t give up hope; Endermologie® Cellulite Treatment is here to help! This revolutionary anti-cellulite treatment encourages smoother-looking skin by targeting fat deposits that cause cellulite. 

Endermologie® lifts areas where stubborn pockets of fat are found for the long term smoothing results so many have been searching for. Let’s explore all this treatment has to offer – let’s unlock a smoother look together!

Evolution MedSpa in New York is the home of endermologie®, a revolutionary type of cellulite treatment. It offers treatments utilizing powerful technology to target and reduce cellulite, giving you smoother skin without the need for surgery or liposuction. Endermologie® uses specially designed rollers that gently massage your body and allow them to reach deeper layers of skin tissue, stimulating the production of collagen and breaking up fibrous bands that can cause dimpling on thighs or buttocks.

Benefits of Endermologie®

The benefits of endermologie® include:

  • Reducing the appearance of cellulite, dimples, and bumps on the legs, hips, and buttocks
  • Smoothing out orange peel texture
  • Firming targeted areas by helping boost collagen production
  • Improving skin elasticity for a youthful look
  • Achieving body sculpting results with no surgery or injections

How It Works

It begins with an assessment to determine which areas are most affected by cellulite. This helps focus priority areas. We will then use specialized rollers to target those specific areas. During each session, pressure is gradually increased while also incorporating specific techniques such as kneading and rolling, which help break down hard masses under the skin as well as improve blood circulation.

To help maximize results, treatments should typically occur at least once a week for four weeks in order to achieve an effective outcome. Your technician will provide recommendations based on their assessment during your first visit.

At Evolution MedSpa, all technicians have been certified in Endermologie® Cellulite Treatment so you can rest assured you’re getting professional care from experienced professionals who know what they’re doing.

Regular treatments are recommended for continued maintenance to help sustain results over time; however, there is no set schedule for how often you should come back as every individual’s situation is unique.

In Conclusion

Endermologie® Cellulite Treatment at Evolution Medspa can be beneficial for both men and women looking to reduce the appearance of unsightly dimples caused by cellulite accumulation on their bodies. By effectively targeting underlying fat deposits, it helps smooth out the skin’s surface while boosting overall circulation and improving elasticity – both short-term and long-term results can be seen after just a few sessions!

So if you’re looking for an easy way to treat yourself right this summer, head over to Evolution MedSpa in NYC – you won’t regret it! Call us at 631-499-5700 or visit our website to book your appointment today.