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Vivace Microneedling RF uses 36 micro-needles to transmit radio frequency waves beneath the epidermis in order to stimulate collagen growth. The radio frequency is an added feature that is unique to the Vivace Microneedling tool. The radio frequency emitted with the microneedling alleviates wrinkles, fine lines, breaks up scarring, and helps tighten the skin. The technique also minimizes the size of pores, improving skin tone, and texture.

Microneedling penetrating the epidermis.

Vampire Facials in Commack

In addition to our signature Microneedling procedure, we offer Microneedling RF aka Vampire Facial. The Vampire Facial procedure has become one of the hottest treatments to hit the beauty scene…and for good reason!

Liquid gold, in the form of your own blood’s plasma, is the catalyst of this procedure, as it is essentially used as a serum during your microneedling treatment to further stimulate collagen production and other growth factors which contribute to the health and repair of skin.

Why does blood plasma stimulate collagen production?

Found in platelet-rich plasma are life-giving fundamental protein growth factors which are known to have various effects and are used to treat various medical conditions. Some of the well known effects include:

  • optimizing conditions for healing and generation of new skin from KGF (Keratinocyte Growth Factor)
  • improved tissue repair after injury (incited by the microneedling process) from FGF (Fibroglast Growth Factor)
  • collagen production from Collagen Stimulating Growth Factor

Additional growth factors found in plasma also play a role in the overall positive effects seen from Vampire Facials.

Microneedling addresses a host of skin issues including:

  • fine lines
  • uneven texture
  • acne and acne scarring
  • dullness
  • large pores