What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is an FDA approved non-surgical fat reduction method that has helped MILLIONS successfully reduce areas of stubborn fat.  With CoolSculpting, you can freeze away fat from multiple areas of the body allowing you to customize your contour.  At Evolution MedSpa in Commack on Long Island, we have two CoolSculpting systems, giving you the option to treat two or more areas of stubborn fat at the same time!

How CoolSculpting Works

Stubborn Fat Removal

CoolSculpting uses fat-freezing technology to provide long term results and allows patients to target hard to reach areas of stubborn fat.  Did you know fat cells don’t like the cold?  At a certain temperature, fat cells will freeze and your body will naturally eliminate the dead cells in 2-6 months or more, resulting in up to 20%-25% reduction of fat in a treated area. Who knew, you ask?  The MILLIONS who have frozen their fat away with CoolSculpting!

Treat stubborn fat:

  • arm pit/bra area
  • back
  • lovehandles/flanks
  • upper arms
  • thighs (inner and outer)
  • stomach
  • chin/jawline
  • buttocks (banana rolls)

Wondering if you’re a candidate for CoolSculpting?

The ideal CoolSculpting candidate is close to their ideal weight with areas of stubborn fat that won’t go away with diet and exercise.  CoolSculpting is not to be considered a weight loss treatment.  If you would like to know how CoolSculpting could work for you, your consultation is free at Evolution MedSpa.

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