Coolsculpting treatment is also known as “cryolipolysis.” It is a non-surgical, no-knife, FDA-approved body-contouring method that removes fat by freezing fat cells. It can be applied to troublesome parts of the body, the places we call “flabby,” “fatty,” or “love handles.”

Coolsculpting service produces results that are considered more natural and than the results yielded by other body-sculpting methods, and that don’t produce scars or uneven body contours. Below, find more advantages to using coolsculpting to shape your body.

  1. It’s Relatively Inexpensive
    Coolsculpting is one of the rare treatments that is more effective than its more expensive counterparts. As it is non-surgical and non-invasive, it is a great deal less expensive than liposuction and other methods. A limited range of special equipment and expertise is required to administer the procedure – nothing more than a vacuum applicator and freezing gel: in many ways, it’s as simple as an ultrasound. There is no need for anesthesia, another factor that greatly limits the cost. And it’s not only less costly, but it will also cost you less: with almost no recovery time required, nothing in your career or life will need to be pushed aside. No missed projects, limited aftercare, no babysitters.
  2. It’s Approved by the Food and Drug Administration
    Coolsculpting has full FDA approval and is regarded as one of the safest lipo-reduction methods available today. It is a precise treatment that impacts only the adipose fats in your body and causes no harm to the tissue, cells, and muscles surrounding the targeted fat cells. It leaves no incisions or sutures that need to be tended at home and checked by physicians, or that remain a risk of infection. The frozen fats are broken down by your body and filtered out through the liver. All in a matter of weeks.
  3. It’s Fast
    Coolsculpting can be done during a break in your day. It can take as few as thirty minutes, and usually no more than an hour. There will be nothing to heal from, no residual pain or soreness, and nothing to inhibit the regular course of your day. There will be noticeable results within a few weeks, and the complete desired outcome within three months.
  4. It’s Relatively Pain-Free
    The procedure involves no injections, incisions, or pressure, and leaves no marks or bruises. An applicator resembling a broad hose, not dissimilar to ultrasound wands, creates suction at targeted areas of adipose fat. Cooling plates are then fit precisely to the area to freeze off the fats, damaging them and leaving them for the body to process out. You will feel no more than a superficial suction on the targeted area, then the cold sensation from the freezing plates. Aftercare is very limited, including mostly direct massage of the area in order to expedite your body’s natural processing.

Learn More About Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting enhances the natural contours of your body, and can dramatically improve your self-image and overall health and wellness. It’s non-invasive, relatively inexpensive, safe, fast, and painless. But it’s not only the most convenient fat reduction procedure, it’s also the most effective. For feeling and looking better, learn more about coolsculpting today.